Pravda Vodka Bar

Pravda Vodka House

A true Russian experience

In the 18 years since opening, Pravda Vodka House has gone from a simple idea to a revolution, and has inspired a new appreciation for vodka. We are a leader in the unique experience of offering vodka tastings and food pairings in a Russian inspired atmosphere.

When life gives you lemons, add vodka!

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Through our one-of-a-kind vodka cellar which houses more than 100 of the world’s best vodkas, to our Louis XII d├ęcor, you will expand your vodka horizons and be well on your way to becoming a vodka connoisseur.

Pravda Vodka House is also the ideal place to book your upcoming function. Whether it is a friend’s birthday, wedding party, or corporate event, our unmatched products and services position us as a leader in unique, and memorable experiences. The only thing cold (war) at Pravda is the vodka! Check out our Groups page for more info.